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Aspect was founded in 2014 in Germany. The creators had experience in the bicycle industry and wanted to create a reliable bicycle with an interesting design and high-quality components. The brand's philosophy is to focus on the end consumer and high quality products.

Aspect bikes are built by riders for riders, with an understanding of their needs. The accumulated knowledge in the field of bicycle technology, a thorough analysis of the bicycle market, as well as an excellent understanding of the demands and needs of riders allowed us to develop our own concept for the production of bicycles. Strict quality control is carried out at all stages of the creation of Aspect bicycles. Only the most modern technologies and advanced equipment are used in production.

The company's main office is located in Russia and the brand belongs to Russian owners, but the development of new bicycles is still carried out with the involvement of German engineers and designers. The distributor of the brand is VeloStrana.

The Aspect team has employees who have been riding bicycles since early childhood. Some of them achieved success in their sports careers. Someone was developing technologies that were moving the bicycle industry forward. Some were selling bicycles in retail stores. Some worked in the production of bicycles, and others drew sketches. We use our experience and knowledge to create a special bike. Our goal is to make sure that every person has their own bicycle. We strive to ensure that bicycles bring people pleasure and bring joy every time they use them. Every person involved in the creation of Aspect bikes is a professional and wants to make the bike better.

The Aspect team is convinced that a bicycle is not just a thing, not just a vehicle or sports equipment - it is a way of understanding the world, an opportunity to discover new horizons, make dreams come true and make life brighter.

The design of the bike is no less important than the development of all technical components. Our designers collaborate with well-known European design bureaus to create a memorable bicycle. We work through every detail to achieve a single image of a bicycle that will delight the owner’s eye and make passersby follow it with their eyes. The principles of ergonomics were taken into account when developing the design of the collection. The color palette allows everyone to find exactly the bike they have always dreamed of. There are models in calm colors, and there are bright ones. Everyone will be able to choose a model that will not only suit them according to technical parameters, but will also emphasize their individuality.

The quality of painting of parts deserves special attention. In the production of Aspect bicycles, the most modern paint application technologies are used, which guarantee not only an even color, but also high resistance to chips, scratches and protection from environmental influences.

Production is carried out in one of the most modern factories in China, using the latest generation equipment. All stages of bicycle production are carefully controlled by the company's best specialists. All components for Aspect bicycles are purchased from trusted global manufacturers.

High quality is ensured by the extensive accumulated experience of engineers and plant workers. Attracting the best specialists, careful control over all stages of production, the use of the most modern technologies, and the use of innovative new generation equipment allow us to create first-class products that meet the highest international quality standards.