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International company Aspect was founded in 2014. This year can be considered a starting point only formally, because in fact the history of the brand has many years of experience of its staff in the largest Bicycle companies in Europe. The creators of the brand has always pursued the idea of creating a good bike with a special design and price is affordable for most people.

Focus on the end user is a key principle of the philosophy of the brand. The team Aspect is convinced that the bike is not just a thing, not just a vehicle or sports equipment. It is a way of understanding the world, the opportunity to discover new horizons, realize their dreams and make life more bright and saturated. Bikes Aspect are created by riders for riders – with a clear understanding of what people really need, who do not follow fashion, and looking for effective and safe bike for yourself and your family.

The accumulated knowledge in the field of Bicycle technology, a thorough analysis of the Cycling market, as well as an excellent understanding of the demands and needs of modern riders allowed them to develop their concept of the production bike. At all stages of creating a Bicycle Aspect is rigorous and relentless quality control. When the production uses only the latest technology and advanced equipment. Each bike is equipped with the best attachments in its class. The high standards of the product is the fact that the buyers themselves recommend bikes, Aspect your friends and acquaintances.

The team Aspect includes people who from early childhood and ride bikes. Some of them have achieved success in my career. Someone invented and developed new technologies that move the Cycling industry forward. Someone working in the world's leading retailers and sold the bike. Someone three decades worked on the production bikes, and someone who draws sketches of bikes all my life. They are the ideological supporters of protecting the environment and promoting a healthy lifestyle. They apply their experience and knowledge to create a special bike. They all work daily to make a good bike available. The purpose of life is to make everyone on this planet was your bike. They strive to make their bikes brought pleasure to people and gave them joy every time you travel. Everyone involved in the process of creating a Bicycle Aspect, is a professional in his field and completely gives himself to the idea of making the bike better. To make this world a better place.

Every bike ride is an adventure. That is why we support athletes and tourists who wish to conquer new heights. Every year we organize challenges to conquer new parts of our planet on bikes, Aspect

The design of the bike plays a less important role than the study of all technical components. The bike not only needs to meet the requirements imposed on him or her, but also to have an appropriate appearance. Aspect staff designers work closely with renowned European design firm to create a truly memorable image of a Bicycle. Thus developed not only the frame design, and thought out the overall look of the bike. Designers are working on every detail to obtain a single image of the bike that will delight the eyes of the owner and to get people to follow his gaze. In the design of the collection is primarily taken into account the principles of ergonomics. The visual component is a complete embodiment of the ideas of comfort and security. The color scheme is built so that everyone can find exactly the bike he always dreamed of. There are models in smooth colours, and there are those that will appeal to fans of bright colors. Everyone can choose for themselves the model that satisfied not only on the technical parameters, but also to emphasize individuality.

Special attention is given to the quality of the painting. In the production of bikes, Aspect uses the most modern technology of applying paint, which ensures not only a noble solid color, but also high resistance to chipping, scratching and protection from environmental influences.

To implement their ideas to the creators of the bike Aspect was important not only to make high quality goods, but also to ensure optimal product price, so everyone can have the opportunity to become the owner of the bike. Good prices were achieved thanks to the fact that is optimization of work of all employees at every stage from development to production.

Production is carried out on one of the most modern factories in China, equipped with equipment of last generation. All stages of production bikes carefully controlled by the best specialists of the company. Basic spare parts for bicycles Aspect are procured from reliable world manufacturers - SHIMANO, Suntour, RockShox, Kenda, etc. With suppliers are signed long term and high volume affiliate contracts. The excellent reputation of the brand Aspect in the market and close cooperation with manufacturers of spare parts allow you to get the most interesting prices on components for bicycles.

Also carried out optimization of logistic processes. Bicycles are not moved from one warehouse to another, and soon arrive in the region sales directly from the factory. High quality is ensured thanks to the huge accumulated experience of engineers and direct executors – the factory workers. Attracting the best professionals, a thorough control over all stages of production, using the most modern technologies, the use of innovative equipment of new generation enables the creation of first-class goods that meet the highest international quality standards.

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