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Tapered head tube
tapered head tube
It makes the head tube less rigid, more durable and lightweight. It also allows using both standard forks and forks with tapered stem.
Comfort frame design
Comfort frame design
Especially dense weaving of carbon threads provides maximum frame stiffness, which gives more speed and improves control over the bike.
Internal wiring cables
Internal Cable Routing
Internal cable wiring protects gear cables from mud and external effects, and improves the appearance of a bicycle frame.
Pipes for hydroforming
ALU 6061 Hydroforming Tubes
Due to the tube hydroforming technology, frames became unique (utterly fine, without additional haunches) in appearance, and robust and lightweight in their construction.
Internal disc brake mount
Internal Disc Brake Mount
Internal caliper mounting system of the rear brake strengthens the construction, ensures heavier and more accurate breaking, and protects the brakes from lateral impacts.
Women specific frame design
Women specific frame design
The geometry of the women's frame looks more graceful and also makes the fit more comfortable for the fairer half of humanity.
Steering glass hourglass
Sand-Glass Shaped Head Tube
Peculiar design of the head tube complements the overall concept of a women’s bike. Even the head tube may have a waist.
3D forged dropouts
3d forming dropouts
3D dropouts are cold forged. Together with heavy chain stays, they make the rear triangle more robust and provide torsional rigidity.
The innovative technology of the frame
Frame Innovation Technology
Frame design is based on modern technologies along with the last bicycle industry tendencies and trends. Unlike our competitors, we try to use something more interesting than a usual round tube profile.
Children specific frame design
Children Specific Frame Design
Frame form is specifically made for children. Upper pipe has a bend providing sufficient space and makes a ride safe.
Composite frame materials
Nano carbon 1100 CNRP
A special frame form, making you sit tight, handlebars, located above saddle: all these make your trips comfortable.