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Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions for bicycles

Your official Aspect reseller guarantees: 

  • A life-time warranty for frame and rigid fork, provided the requirements of usage and storing are met*
  • A proper functioning of boing, rear damping unit, suspension components and other equipment – for 1 (one) year, provided the requirements of usage and storing of this User manual are met.

Warranty period begins from the date of purchase of bicycle, noted in Warranty certificate and supported by cheque or any other document, proving the purchase. For parts and components, subject to natural wear during the exploitation of the bicycle (tires, inner tubes, fellows, chains, rear and front gears, bearings, rollers and removable derailleur brackets, ropes and their shells, brake pads, handlebars handles and covers, saddle covers, spokes, etc) warranty covers only uncovered hidden defects of materials and construction.

*A warranty for Aspect bicycle is void in these cases:

  1. a bicycle was used for any purpose other than it was intended, in extreme conditions (jumps, falling and so on), for sporting events, for rent, or with a violation of the requirements of usage and storing;
  2. a bicycle was damaged in a road traffic accident;
  3. a bicycle was adjusted or repaired by an unauthorized by Aspect reseller person;
  4. bicycle owner or any other unauthorized by Aspect reseller person changed the bicycle's factory specification or made a modification of its construction, installed units, parts and equipment unauthorized by the manufacturer;
  5. bicycle owner ignored or violated the periods of scheduled maintenance services of the bicycle;
  6. bicycle owner ignored the guidance of a person, authorized by Aspect reseller for warranty and post-warranty maintenance service;
  7. bicycle owner lost his Warranty certificate or any other document, proving the purchase.


In case of Warranty certificate loss by the bicycle owner or after a warranty period the owner pays for the repair of the bicycle.
In case of discovering defects or damages of the bicycle, occurred during a warranty period, caused by the manufacturer, the bicycle owner has the right for free repair or replacement of the damaged parts within set time frames and conditions, determined by law.
Within the framework of the free repair only the parts, damaged by the deeds of the manufacturer, are replaced and adjusted.